What if my guests are late?

Please ask your guests to make every effort to be on time/early. Guests that arrive late will have to catch up on their own or they can forfeit their payment. In the event that the whole party begins late, there will be a $35 fee charged for every 30 min increment. You are responsible for paying the late fee before the party continues.

Where are you located?


We are a mobile sip & stroke company. We come to you and that's what makes us different. You set up the venue/event and we bring the paint and fun. We are also available for travel (weekends only).


What are your prices? 


Prices are per person.

10+ guests, $35/per person

9 guests or less, $45/per person


What comes with my package? 


All supplies needed for your masterpiece (canvas, paint, brushes, easels, etc.}

Professionally designed, custom e-invites (you can also print them) for all your guests

An experienced artist-instructor


What is your refund policy?


"No shows" will not be issued refunds. Host is responsible for paying then-refundable amount of 3 painters to reserve date. Cancellations must be done 7 days before event date.


What do we paint?


Host can choose a theme and the artist will pick paintings within that theme. Options will be emailed to host for final approval.


How long does party last?


The paint party lasts about 1- 1.5. hours, once you're done painting, the rest of the night is up to you.


What if I can't paint? What if I'm not artistic?


No artistic skills are required, but a sense of humor is.  Even if you think that you can’t paint a straight line, you will be surprised at what you can create with the assistance of our wonderful artists.  Your art coach for the class will guide the group through basic steps in creating the featured painting and will ensure that you stay on track to completing your own masterpiece by the end of the class.  There are no “mistakes”, but acrylic paint dries very quickly and you can change anything that you want to perfect.


Does everyone at the party paint the same painting? Can I paint something different?


Everyone will paint the SAME subject because it’s a step-by-step process where everyone paints along with the art coach.   However, you may wish to change some color to personalize your art. If you venture too far from the artwork being instructed, then please understand our artist(s) cannot take time away from others to assist you should you require alot of extra attention.


On what days and at what times are the parties?


That is up to you! We specialize in private parties. Book your date and time.


Do we have to sip alcoholic beverages?


Absolutely not! It's your party, your rules. You provide the beverages and snacks, we'll provide the entertainment.


Are you only available in Savannah, GA?


We're are based in Savannah, but not confined to Savannah. We are willing to travel (weekends only). Travel pricing is the per person rate + travel rate. Travel rate depends on distance party is from Savannah, Ga. (I.E. Atlanta is $250 + per person rate) Travel rate can be divided amongst guest rates (i.e. $250 travel rate + 10 guests = $60/per guest







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